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Winstar Elevator undertakes routine preventive maintenance of all Types and all Make of the Lifts at any location.

The Company has earned solid reputation over years for its effective after sales service through professional Maintenance concepts.
The Company has well trained and experienced Engineers who always endeavor to achieve zero breaks down.
The elevators are assigned to Technicians through smart route wise planning, supervised by Service Engineer. This team will effectively take care of routine preventive maintenance and also will attend to call backs within a very short span of time.
There are regular training conducted for the Technicians, Engineers on Safety & skills up-gradation.

The Highlights of our Maintenance are,

Preventive Maintenance as per Standard checklist.
Adequate spares maintained at Service centers.
Professionally trained Technicians & Backup of well-experienced Engineers.
Call back monitoring systems.
Surprise Audit at a site for Safety and proper Maintenance.
Safety instructions display at critical points.
Competitive Charges for World class maintenance.



The company undertakes Repair and Modernisation of all Types and all make of lifts at any location.
The Modernisation Packages are,

a) Door / Gate replacement, Collapsible gates into Imperforated gates - Conversion of Manual Doors into Automatic Doors.,
b) Replacement of Control panel. Converting Single Call into Down Collective or Selective Collective Control system.,
c) Push Box Units replacement- Into Digital 7 Segment or LCD display with feather touch or touch buttons.,
d) Incorporation of Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (V3F) to achieve perfect leveling and jerk free start & stop. Also saves electricity up to 45%.,
e) Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) is additional option. This device will bring the elevator to the nearest landing in case of power failure. In a case of power door, it will open the door and will close also.,
f) Replacement Of Cabin Assy. Wooden cabin into Mild Steel or Stainless Steel cabin.,
g) Replacement of Machinery Unit assembly.,
h) Replacement of Gate locks with movable contacts.,
i) Other Value addition such as Floor annunciator, Invertor for Emergency Light and Alarm, Overland warning device, Full height Infra-Red Sensor, V3F drive for Door operator, Surface mounted Push buttons, Touch Buttons for home elevatotor, etc.,


The Company has carried out many challenging modernization works involving conversion of Manual doors into Automatic Doors, Replacement of Single call control panels into Down Collective or Full Collective or Serial Communication system, etc.

Passenger Lift

We offers passenger lifts to suit any application. Our flexible approach to design and manufacture helps ensure Passenger Lifts can fit and work where standard alternatives are not suitable. We offer a choice of passenger capacities and speed. Our handrails, mirrors, and lighting finishes are customer-specifiable – which is not usually available from standardized models. Our lifts are safe to operate and environmental friendly.

Hospital Lift

In multi-specialty hospitals, Bed cum Passenger elevators become a necessity to move up and down floor hospital beds with patients. We install lifts that are built specially hospitals usage. They are large enough to accommodate stretchers and wheel chairs. They are easy to clean, fumigate and maintain. Automatic Telescopic Doors, Manual Doors such as Imperforated Doors or Two Speed Manual doors with glass vision panel can be provided. They offer smooth and comfortable travel. Our lifts are provided with latest emergency control

Goods Lift

We manufacture goods lifts that are used in factories and wear houses for the movement of goods between floors. They possess an ability to cope with the heavy load. Each Goods Lift is tailored to precisely and efficiently meet every client’s individual requirement. Use of the latest well tried and tested Goods Lift technology ensures high reliability and optimum performance. Further, our goods lifts are designed to ensure low energy consumption and noise free operation.